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Shadow Play | Yellow Coco

Shadow Play

Shadow puppetry is an ancient art form found in countries such as China, India, Indonesia (Java, Bali) and Turkey.  The rich artistic medium touches on spiritual questions of life on earth, morality and ethics, the transcience of life and the variety of situations and dilemmas we find ourselves in as humans on this planet.  Shadow play can be adapted to children of all ages as emphasis will be on different aspects  of the form depending on the age group.

  1. Learn how to create simple shadow puppets to support a theme or story you are working with.
  2. Learn how to support children in the creation of shadow puppets based on their age and ability.
  3. Explore the use of the light and screen, play with the screen and sun as a means to understanding how you may use this tool in the context of arts, science and earth education.
  4. Explore puppet movement and voice to convey character.
  5. Explore how to use percussive instruments to introduce and support the story.

*Particpants in this workshop can take home their own shadow screen and stand ordered ahead of time.

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