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Finding your inner clown | Yellow Coco

Finding your inner clown

Finding your own personal inner clown can help you to access teaching and learning from a unique perspective. One’s inner clown is the non-judgemental, naïve, honest and open aspect of oneself. Inner clown work can bring us into dialogue with this aspect of ourselves helping to relate to our work, planning and activities in a different way.  You may also want to use your clown in the classroom or on site of your activities for specific purposes/programs.

  1. Exercises will assist in ones’ ability to find the clown that is uniquely their own.
  2. Development of their character through exploratory exercises and scenario sketches will result in the creation of a unique performance to introduce and highlight the clowns that have emerged from the process.
  3. Ways of dialoguing with ones’ clown as a means to exploring program and activity planning will be shared.

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