Expressive Arts

Expressive arts is used a means to explore and uncover the qualities and potentialities of a variety of media and modalities (visual arts, dance, music, poetry/spoken word, mask, clown, drama, storytelling).  The emphasis is on open exploration and acceptance of what emerges throughout the process.   In a supportive atmosphere, participants relax and open to their own potentials while experiencing and playing off of others’.

  1. Experience the expressive arts process for yourself with a variety of media in a variety of modalities.
  2. Understand and explore the purpose and philosophy behind expressive arts in teaching and learning with children of a variety of ages and cultural backgrounds.
  3. Learn how to create the means and space for children to explore and express through a variety of media and modalities.
  4. Explore and understand the need for individual, small group and large group exploration and expression.
  5. Set up your own expressive arts process/program given the site, setting and resources you have to work with.

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