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Book Making | Yellow Coco

Book Making

Begin from open arts and aesthetic exploration of image, sound, movement, scent, taste, and touch.  From this process, a starting point will emerge (different for everyone) and be developed into a story you never thought you had inside of you!

  1. Learn techniques on how to open to various ways of knowing and perceiving (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Poetic) as a means to uncovering gateways to story creation not previously imagined.
  2. Uncover the way to one’s personal creative process and potent starting points for further exploration.
  3. Develop the uncovered “seeds” and develop them into storybooks  to be used with the children at your site/school.
  4. Design a process or program for the children/students at your site/school to create their own story books as well.

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